Windswept Farm Leonbergers

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Exciting News!!!

Windswept Paxton (Ferdie) is in the top 20 Breed Standings for Leonbergers in the USA.  We are Very proud of our boy and his owner Karen! Our breeding girls Amber and sunny are from the same combination. 

Current News

We have a new litter of twelve, seven boys and five girls. This litter is spoken for, but we are accepting deposits towards our litter planned for the beginning of 2021.

Please call 513-835-6039 or message me for more information on our upcoming litters. 

visit Our Windswept Farm Leonberger Facebook page for new pictures, videos, and updates.

Welcome to our site. Our family has been raising

 Leonbergers, and sharing our love of this breed

 with others, for over ten years. Our dogs are

 cherished members of our family and are part of 

our everyday lives. I am a 24/7 stay at home puppy

 mom and I love it. Our first Leo, Hannah, was such a

 joy to our family. She is actually the reason we 

 fell in love with this breed. She was amazingly

 gentle, devoted, and patient with my four children

 for twelve wonderful years. I still miss her but I

 see reflections of her in her daughters and 


You really have to meet a Leo in person to

 appreciate what makes this breed so special and I

 welcome everyone to my home to meet my canine

 family. Some breeders use questionnaires to get to

 know potential puppy buyers but I prefer to meet

 everyone in person if possible. This is a little more

 personal and gives me the opportunity to really get

 to know the families my puppies go to. Over the

 years I have met so many wonderful people and feel

 really confident that my puppies have been placed in

 the best homes possible.

My sweet Hannah